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Si deseas adquirir mayor vocabulario, estás en el posteo adecuado, aquí encontrarás palabras en ingles con la letra L. Sigue leyendo y aprende.

Cómo aprender palabras con L en inglés

Si quieres saber como aprender palabras con L en inglés, te dejaremos herramientas que podrás emplear.

Una gran manera de aprender palabras nuevas es a través del juego, podrás inventar o buscar en internet diversos juegos que te ayuden a memorizar las palabras que tú quieras. Esta es una grandiosa forma de aprender mientras te diviertes, inténtalo.

Sustantivos con la letra L en inglés

A continuación te brindaremos distintos sustantivos con la letra L en inglés.

1. Lake

2. Lamp

3. Language

4. Law

5. Letter

6. Level

7. Lie

8 Life

9. Light

10. Line

Adjetivos con la letra L en inglés

Si necesitas aprender adjetivos con la letra L en inglés, seguidamente encontrarás una lista de ellos.

1. Large

2. Last

3. Late

4. Later

5. Lazy

6. Left

7. Light

8. Like

9. Likely

10. Little

Verbos con la letra L en inglés

Aquí debajo encontrarás una lista de verbos con la letra L en inglés.

1. Last

2. Laugh

3. Launch

4. Lay

5. Lead

6. Lean

7. Leap

8. Learn

9. Leave

10. Lend

Más palabras con L en inglés

Si quieres aprender más, aquí hallarás más palabras con L en inglés.

1. Loud

2. Low

3. Land

4. Loyal

5. Love

6. Local

7. Lively

8. Lose

9. Live

10. Lonely

Oraciones con palabras con L en inglés

En este apartado hemos tomado algunas de las palabras expuestas a lo largo del artículo y las utilizamos para formar distintas oraciones con palabras con L en inglés.

1. So that our students do not get bored and scattered, we must make lively and fun games. For the next meeting, you must bring at least three games to do with the kids.

2. At the pool party tonight there will be many games and among them, one to launch balloons filled with water. Let’s go? Will be great.

3. To get your driving license you will have to practice a lot, you will have to lead through the countryside and through the city to get used to the movement of cars.

4. To get to my house you must take 14th Street, walk three blocks and then turn left and on the next block you will see my house, it is on a corner.

5. You are very lazy, you spend it sleeping, let’s go for a run and at night we go out partying. Cheer up friend, today will be a great day.

6. Tomorrow we celebrate three months with my boyfriend, as a gift I bought him chocolates and I wrote him a beautiful love letter.

7. I don’t feel well, I had very little breakfast, I feel like my blood pressure is going to drop. Can you buy me a candy?

8. We will play this game as a visitor, but the next date will be local. will you go see me? If I score a goal, I dedicate it to you.

9. I must train better, I have already lost two games in a row. I have to get in shape so I can win the next one.

10. Today we will go shopping at the mall and later we will go for a snack at a very nice cafe. Do you want to go?

11. I dropped my cell phone and it broke, you see a black vertical line on the screen. my parents will kill me.

12. Today I broke my own leap rope record. Last time I did seventy-three jumps and today I did eighty. Next time I hope to reach a hundred jumps.

13. I bought a great lava lamp, the lava inside is pink and lights up in many colors. When you come to my house I will show it to you.