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Si recién estás comenzando a aprender inglés y aún no conoces muchas palabras, en este posteo te brindaremos palabras en inglés con la letra H.

Cómo aprender palabras con H en inglés

Existen distintas maneras de aprender palabras con H en inglés. Aquí encontrarás alguna de ellas.

Una forma muy útil de aprender palabras nuevas es relacionarlas con una imagen, por ejemplo, la palabra «horse», la cual significa «caballo». Nos crearemos una imagen mental de un caballo, el cual puede ser de color marrón, blanco o lo que tú quieras. Ese es el punto, debes agregarle cosas a esa imagen que cada vez que pienses en ella, te lleve a la palabra en inglés «horse». Este ejercicio lo

Sustantivos con la letra H en inglés

Si deseas aprender sustantivos con la letra H en inglés, aquí te dejamos una lista de ellos.

1. Hair

2. Hand

3. Hat

4. Head

5. Heart

6. Hero

7. Home

8. Hole

9. Horse

10. Hour

Adjetivos con la letra H en inglés

A continuación, encontrarás distintos adjetivos con la letra H en inglés.

1. Handsome

2. Half

3. Happy

4. Hard

5. Healthy

6. Heavy

7. Helpful

8. High

9. Hot

10. Huge

Verbos con la letra H en inglés

En este apartado te dejaremos una lista con diversos verbos con la letra H en inglés.

1. Harden

2. Heat

3. Hit

4. Hang

5. Hook

6. Hug

7. Have

8. Hide

9. Hear

10. Help

Más palabras con H en inglés

Si tienes ganas de seguir aprendiendo, seguidamente, encontrarás más palabras con H en inglés.

1. Hunt

2. Hysterical

3. Hospital

4. Headstrong

5. Hall

6. Hotel

7. Hollow

8. Head

9. Hesitant

10. Hungry

Oraciones con palabras con H en inglés

Para que puedas ver como se aplican algunas de las palabras expuestas anteriormente, creamos oraciones con palabras con H en inglés, para ti.

1. I am very happy, this week was incredible, I got together with friends, I was excellent at school, I exercised, I ate delicious. I can not ask for anything more, I am very grateful.

2. They have invited me to the theater and I have one more ticket, you come with me to hear an incredible opera, it is the first and the last time they come to our city.

3. Friend, today I won’t be able to play, yesterday practicing at school my hand has bent and I’m in the hospital. Looks like I broke my little finger. I am sorry.

4. Yesterday I went out to a party and the atmosphere there was very heavy. We stayed for a while with my friends and then we left, the truth is that we will not go there again.

5. If you want to go to the party tomorrow you should tell your mother, you don’t have to hide that, it can be dangerous and if she finds out she will punish you.

6. Today I asked my brother if he broke my favorite mug, and he said no, but I sound so hesitant that I don’t believe him. For me it was he who broke it.

7. Over the weekend my father took me hunting, the truth is that I didn’t like it at all. I was very sorry for the animals, I will not go again.

8. I have bought a box of filled chocolates and only 2 have come with their respective filling, the others were hollow. I have been cheated.

9. My dream is to have a big stable full of animals, I want to have horses, pigs, sheep and many cows. I hope to be able to fulfill it one day.

10. I want to renew myself, I want to change my look. I think I’ll cut and dye my hair. I’m thinking of a red or pink color, what do you think?

11. Hey, I haven’t forgotten my wallet in my mother’s car, could you buy me half of your sandwich, I promise I’ll buy you one tomorrow.

12. Tomorrow I will have a party at my house, you are invited and you can bring five more friends, everyone must bring to drink.

13. If we want to reach the high of the mountain, we must start training now. It is a very hard road, with many ups and downs and long hours of walking.